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  • Easy, beautiful, and powerful. Ava is the simplest to use budgeting app to help you reach your financial goals.

How Ava Works

Simple tools with a simple workflow.

Budget with Boxes

Like envelope budgeting without the envelopes. Split your account into boxes to save for expenses or goals. Transactions can spend from or add money to boxes.

Passive or Active Budgeting

Creating and updating transactions is an optional feature. If a more passive budgeting style is for you just update your account balance and boxes when you need.

Safe to Spend

Know exactly how much of your account balance is actually safe to spend. Your safe to spend balance won't include the amounts you have put away in boxes for expense and goals.


On the Roadmap

These features coming soon.

Ava Card

Integrates with Ava Budgeting to provide real time transaction notifications, temporary card lock, and budgeting automation

Rules for Automation

Includes funding them in whole or in part on pay day, spending from them when a transaction matches a requirement, and more.

Round Up

Round up transactions to the nearest dollar and move the difference to a box of your choosing.

Invite Family members

Let your family members see your budget and balances so they also know what is safe to spend.

Account Sync

Connect Ava to your bank to sync transactions and balances automatically throughout the day.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps for iOS and Android phones.



All features except for account sync will be free, although Ava Card will be the preferred method to utilize Ava Budgeting in the future.

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